Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix Cheat

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition REMIX Cheats

Di Main Menu, Pilih Options lalu Cheat Codes
(Case Sensitive)

+ one dollar to careerkubmir
100% carrer completionrockstarchampionracer
Agro (Special Move for SUVs and Trucks)dfens
Bunny Ears (On MotorBike Rider)getheadl
Faster Pedestriansurbansprawl
Flaming Head (On MotorBike Rider)trythisathome
Get every car in multiplayer mode.rimbuck
Get out of car and trash talk to pedestrianissomebodymad
Increase Car Mass In Arcade Modehyperagro
More Nitrous (NOS/Boost/No2/ect.)fastforyou
No damageontheroad
Pumpkin Head (On MotorBike Rider)getheadk
Roar (Choppers and Muscles)Rjnr
Smiley Face (On MotorBike Rider)getheadj
Snowman Head (On MotorBike Rider)getheadm
Unlock ALL carscarzforlyf
Unlock ALL Cars (different)thebigdawg
Unlock ALL performance upgradesperfrmancethree (or performancethree)
Unlocks All Cities in Arcade Moderoadtrip
Unlocks All Cities in Arcade Modecrosscountry
Zone (Special Move for Sport Bikes, Tuners and Exotics)allin

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